Easter Children's Yoga - Holiday Fun!

Every school holiday we bring the yoga fun to our youngest yogis! There's not too many holiday clubs that children age 3 can take part in, but having spent almost every day with three & four year olds for the past 7 years, I'm more than happy to spend some more time with my favourite age group!

Our Easter yoga class was fully booked and we had children aged 3, 4 & 5. They were the most wonderful group of children! When you consider their age, the fact that that many have never met before and that some have never even done yoga before, I think it's pretty amazing!

We started our holiday club as always by meeting eachother, talking about how we felt at that moment & learning a little about each child. We took some time to focus on our breathing and then did some group yoga, bringing them together as a team right from the beginning.

Once we had our focus & had warmed up our bodies we went on an Easter adventure. It wasn't your usual Easter story! We followed Peter Cottontail on his mission to find the lost Easter eggs! We helped him gather them from the cheeky tickly monkeys who had stolen them and managed to escape the cave just in time, helping each other out. We learned the value of working together, being polite and stopping to think before we got worried. The children were amazing at imagining their own versions of the story and thinking of ways that we could find the eggs!

After all the excitement we relaxed on our mats and recalled our journey. The children enjoyed some calming aromatherapy and we did a short guided relaxation.

We all gathered round the tables to chat and have a refuel and then got stuck into a fun craft activity where we mindfully coloured in Easter pictures to eventually create our very own Easter snowglobe. The children each left with a snowglobe that they made themselves and they now have their very own calming tool too, they know that if they need a break or get cross, they can focus on the snow globe's flakes and watch them settle as they do too.

Our morning ended with a special egg hunt! We worked together in two teams to fill our baskets with eggs & once we had found a winning team we carefully opened the eggs to discover a new pose & a small sparkly egg! Our children found new confidence in taking it in turns to show their new friends the pose they had found and everyone had to guess what it was. They were absolutely brilliant!

We didn't take many photos as we were so busy having adventures and fun, but I think the ones we did take show what a lovely group of children we had today and how they found new confidence too!

Till the next time yogi's!

Nikki x

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